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What is the difference between the teacher education and professional development series?

The Professional Development Series infuses research-based best practices in short, stand-alone workshops that span 2 to 8 hours.  These are offered as face-to-face, interactive sessions.  Programs can schedule any workshop from our menu of available workshops.  The Teacher Education Series engages instructors in a highly interactive online environment over the course of fifteen weeks.  The courses are offered in trimesters during the fall, winter, and spring/summer.  This series focuses on delivering content while aiding instructors in implementing and reflecting on their use of instructional strategies and materials.


Are courses offered online or in face-to-face sessions?

The Teacher Education Series is offered as an online course.  The Professional Development Series consists of face-to-face sessions. 


Can I take the online courses if I am not really comfortable with computers? 

Yes!  To begin the course you will only need to be able to use email, and use a mouse to navigate the web.  All other technical skills necessary to navigate courses are learned during the course.  Additional assistance from course facilitators is available for the technologically timid.  


How long are the courses in the Teacher Education Series?

Courses in the Teacher Education Series are fifteen weeks long.  They are designed to span a semester to provide course participants with opportunities to apply learning from the course in their respective classes, to document and reflect on that implementation, and to share experiences with other course participants.   


How do I enroll in the teacher education courses?

Contact us via our web page to receive an application packet via email. 


What is different about the professional development available through Aspire Consulting & Educational Services? 

Research provides us with so much information, but it often does not trickle down to classroom teachers.  All of our professional development, from the delivery design to the content, is research-based to provide instructors with explanations for and examples of our methods and strategies.  As well, our course delivery models excellent instructional practices, which teachers can emulate in their own classes.  In other words, we practice what we preach. We believe learning should be fun for adult literacy students.  We believe that teachers teach the way they are taught.  We strive to model effective, interactive teaching strategies for our participants. 


What exactly is instructional design?

Instructional design is a process of planning instruction that is efficient, and effective.  It examines how curricula, or portions of curricula are designed, delivered, and digested.


If I am interested in program improvement services, where do I begin? 

You can begin by contacting us for a free initial consultation.  After the consultation you will complete a needs assessment, and our staff will work with you to design your program improvement plan.  You can find a sample needs assessment on the resources page on our website. 


Where do I go to attend a professional development or teacher education course from Aspire? 

The Professional Development Series is a service that we can bring to your site.  You can access the Teacher Education Series via any computer with Internet access.  Contact us to request a registration packet.


How do I find out about employment opportunities with Aspire Consulting & Educational Services? 

At Aspire, we believe in professional development for instructors, by instructors.  Our founder, Dr. Stewart is committed to hiring talented professionals who have a passion for adult literacy, a respect for diversity, and a heart for adult literacy learners.  We typically find staff through professional contacts, whether through conferences or course participation, but welcome inquiries as well.  If you are interested in lending your talents to our cause, please email your resume and letter of introduction to us.  Be sure to let us know how you envision your contribution to our team!


How can I bring Aspire to my state? 

We are just a contact away.  Call or email us! 

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