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Instructional Design

“Those who can, do; those who can't, teach.”  We have all heard this line from George Bernard Shaw’s drama, Man and Superman.  While in the play the line was used to console an aspiring writer who was criticized by his writing professor, many misinterpret this to disparage teachers, or to imply that teaching is easy.  Well, anyone who has ever attempted to teach anything, or anyone who has ever had a teacher that knew his or her topic well but could not explain concepts in a way that students could grasp them, knows that this is not true.

Our consultants will help to audit your current curriculum against established standards, identify missing components, help articulate learning objectives, design assessments that align with those objectives, and use identified objectives and assessments to dictate instructional strategies and materials.  Whether designing a new training or looking to improve outcomes from an existing training, our instructional design services can help direct your professional development efforts. 

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