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Here is a list of free resources from Aspire and other contributors to the field of adult literacy.  We encourage you to use them and check back often as we will be adding new content on an ongoing basis.


GED Testing Service

Students can create their own account on this site and go through a progression of lessons.  Recommended for states using the 2014 Computerized GED.  Provides students with an opportunity to practice literacy and computer skills.



Listen, Write & Read

This free Web resource provides a list of 220 sight words organized according to five levels, with level one being the lowest.  The site also offers suggestions for activities to do with students to help them memorize these frequently encountered sight words. 



PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media is a resource for teachers with lesson plans and lesson ideas.  You can create teacher accounts and student accounts.  It is designed for PreK-12 teachers, but they allow you to add a school if your school is not listed.  The following text is a direct quote from their website.  PBS LearningMedia™ is your destination for direct access to thousands of classroom-ready, curriculum-targeted digital resources. PBS LearningMedia builds on the strength of public media and is designed to improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement. Resources are aligned to Common Core and national standards and include videos and interactives, as well as audio, documents, and in-depth lesson plans. You can browse by standards, grade level, subject area, and special collections. You can also favorite, and share resources with your class and colleagues through folders and social media. Best of all, PBS LearningMedia’s basic service is free for PreK-12 educators.



Philanthropy News Digest

This site provides information about new funding opportunities at the program and classroom level.  You can sign up for their weekly digest to be delivered to your inbox. 



Teacher Preparation and Professional Development in Adult Literacy

Dr. Stewart's dissertation study examines the current state of teacher preparation and professional development from the perspective of thirty-seven current teachers, twenty-four from within the federally and state-funded adult literacy education system in Ohio. The study also examines how well current hiring and professional development requirements prepare them for instructional practice and instructional decision-making with adult learners from various cultural and educational backgrounds. The study suggests a model of professional development that can potentially provide teachers with the knowledge and skills they need to feel prepared to deliver instruction to adult literacy students. To download, click here.


Teachers Pay Teachers

FREE lesson plans are available at this site, which is basically a marketplace for teachers to buy and sell their lesson plans. 



U.S. Conference on Adult Literacy 2013

This is a PowerPoint that Dr. Stewart shared with colleagues at the 2013 U.S. Conference on Adult Literacy. The presentation was based on her study Teacher Preparation and Professional Development in Adult Literacy. To download, click here.



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